Marine Foam Filled Mooring Buoy

Marine Foam Filled Mooring Buoy

Marine foam filled mooring buoys are extensively used in single-point mooring (SPM) systems. The three main types are cylindrical buoys, chain-through buoys, and pick-up buoys.

General surface marine foam filled mooring buoys are constructed by resilient closed cell polyethylene /EVA foam around the inner central steelwork, covered by polyurethane (PU) outer kin. The resilient closed cell polyethylene/EVA foam core guarantees self-fendering and unsinkable even in case of damage. And self-colored polyurethane elastomer skin is resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet ray degradation. For the extreme service environment, the polyurethane elastomer skin can be reinforced by nylon to protective coating with higher tear strength, making the buoy long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free.

Foam Filled Mooring Buoys Specification


Type Length


Overall Length






Net Buoyancy


Net Buoayncy


CTB-1500 2000 2660 1195 520 1500 3333
CTB-1700 2000 2660 1260 545 1700 3778
CTB-2000 2000 2660 1325 560 2000 4445
CTB-2250 2000 2660 1395 580 2250 5000
CTB-2500 2000 2660 1450 610 2500 5556
CTB-2750 2000 2660 1505 630 2750 6111
CTB-3000 2000 2660 1565 658 3000 6667
CTB-3500 2000 2660 1680 750 3500 7778
CTB-4500 2000 2660 1900 880 4500 10000

Marine Foam Filled Mooring Buoy Features

Foam filled mooring buoys have significant advantages, lier easier to handle, better corrosion resistance, low maintenance, never sink or burst, self-fendering that withstands vessel impact.

  • PU Protective Outer Skin – Reinforced urethane elastomer skin
  • Self-fendering – High impact absorption capacity
  • Inner Foam – Unskinable closed-cell rigid foam core
  • Upper-End Fitting – Various end fitting options available
  • Internal Steel Core – For better support and balance
  • Lower End Fitting – Mooring eye used for anchor connecting

Construction of Marine Foam Filled Mooring Buoys

The general surface chain through foam filled mooring buoys is manufactured with high-quality closed-cell PE/EVA resilient foam, encapsulated with self-colored tough polyurethane elastomer skin.

  • Tough reinforce polyurethane outer skin – General surface support buoy’s skin is constructed of polyurethane elastomer, which also can be reinforced with nylon filament. The polyurethane skin is a unique elastomer specifically for offshore applications. It is high resistance to abrasion, fatigue, and ultraviolet degradation and is significantly more durable.
  • Laminated closed cell resilient foam core, unsinkable design – General surface support buoys are made with the highest quality closed-cell PE/EVA foam. This resilient foam makes the buoys self-fendering with high impact absorption capacity. Even the skin was punctured, it also is unsinkable without absorbing water. With our unique laminating process, each foam core is integrity. The foam core cannot be reputed after a long time of service.
  • Steelwork and end assembly – Through central steel tube with longitudinal gussets and external load distribution flanges at each end, epoxy coated or hot-dipped galvanized, are encased in a closed-cell urethane foam central body. Optional bail eye, clevis eye, swivel, chain locking plate, single locking pin end fitting are available.


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