ISO 17357 Certificated

Yokohama Type Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

Doowin Marine floating fenders include pneumatic fenders and foam filled fenders. We make donut foam fenders for tubular pipe. We also can supply fixed port rubber fenders.  


ISO 14409 Certificated

Marine Rubber Ship Launching Airbags

Marine rubber airbags can be used for ship launching, ship landing, heavy lifting and moving, marine salvage for sunken ship, buoyancy support for pipeline, and other innovative field.

We Supply Qualified & certificated Products

what Products we Produce


Ship Launching Airbags

Marine rubber airbags for ship launching, marine salvage, heavy lifting


Pneumatic Fenders

Yokohama type floating pneumatic rubber fenders comply with ISO 17357


Foam Filled Fenders

Netless and netted foam filled fenders, donut foam fenders, shipboard fenders


Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Blocking municipal pipeline stopper


General Surface Buoys

Chain support and mooring buoys


Subsea Buoysancy Material

Subsea solid buoyancy material

Who We Are

Doowin Marine is professional manufacturer of ship launching airbags, floating yokohama type pneumatic rubber fenders, foam filled fenders, inflatable pipe plugs, and offshore foam buoys.

Doowin Marine is the leading manufacturer for ISO14409:2011 or CB/T 3795 marine rubber ship launching airbags. Marine rubber airbags, known as ship launching airbags or ship launching balloons can be used for ship launching and landing, heavy lifting, and marine salvage.

Our floating marine fenders include pneumatic rubber fenders and foam filled fenders. Our Yokohama type pneumatic rubber fenders are produced and inspected complying with ISO 17357. Our inflatable pipe plugs are widely applicable to all kinds of municipal pipes blocking as stoppers. We also produce the various offshore foam buoys used for surface to subsea 7000m. 

We are proud to provide the highest quality products, together with expert service and timely customer support. Let’s help you successfully complete your project – on budget and on time.


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We work for many shipyards, ports, and offshore companies all over the world. 

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