Floating Rubber Marine Salvage Buoyancy Airbag

Additional information


0.8 ~ 2.5m, or customized diameter


5 ~ 25m, or customized length

Cord Layers Number

4 ~ 12 Layers

Loading Capacity

10 ~ 40 ton/m, or customized capacity


Manufacturer Certificate, BV/ABS/LR/CCS Certificate


QP-ordinary, QG-high-bearing, QS-superhigh bearing


ISO 14409


24 Months

Floating Rubber Marine Salvage Buoyancy Airbag

Marine salvage and floatation is another application of ship launching marine airbags after update. Doowin marine salvage buoyancy airbags are designed with lifting belts and shackles equipped on the updated ship launching airbags.

Floating rubber marine salvage buoyancy airbags are the toughest air lifting bags. It can be used as a salvage pontoon for the supporting docks, and other floating structures. Also can be used to salvage the shipwreck, rescue the floating bridge, and dock construction. With the strongest pneumatic rubber body, salvage rubber airbags really come into their own when airbags employed in heavy-duty salvage work under a severe environment.

Why Rubber Marine Salvage Buoyancy Airbags

Rubber marine salvage airbags are made by multilayer heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers. It’s more sturdy and reliability than PVC air lifting bags, what are widely used for the diving or marine salvage industry.

High Buoyancy Capacity

Salvage rubber airbags create high buoyancy capacity with safer air pressure. The buoyancy is 4t~300t.


Worked for Deep Water

Marine salvage rubber airbags can be used for deepwater salvage lifting. Can install safety valves.


Resistant to Abrasion

Salvage rubber air bags have 6~12 plies reinforcement layers to withstand most abrasion and puncture.

Structure of Marine Salvage Buoyancy Airbags


Floating rubber marine salvage buoyancy airbags are equipped with lifting belts and shackles. For the big size, we also install safety valves. When the inner pressure reaches the rated value, it can open automatically to release the insider air-pressure.

You can choose the required diameter and effective length to meet your projects. The below specification only is our standard specification arrangement. Other specifications marine salvage airbags also can be supplied upon clients’ request. The biggest buoyancy capacity can reach 300ton.

Air Bag Parameter Marine Salvage Rubber Airbags Size
Product Name Marine Salvage Rubber Airbags
Diameter (D) 0.8 ~ 3m, or customized diameter
Effective Length (EL) 6 ~ 40m, or customized length
Total Length (TL) 7 ~ 45m, or customized length
Loading Capacity 4 ~ 300ton, or customized capacity
Model of Airbags QP-ordinary, QG-high-bearing, QS-superhigh bearing

Marine Salvage Buoyancy Airbags Various Application

Rubber marine salvage buoyancy airbags have various application. It can be used for marine salvage or re-floatation objects from the seabed. It also can be used for buoyancy support, marine salvage, and re-floatation operation. Furthermore, we also can use marine salvage rubber airbags as buoyancy support pontoons for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates, sunken objects, or military equipment. Marine salvage airbags offer an effectual floatation method of reducing the draught of the vessel and lift bag salvage underwater structures.


Refloat Sunken Ships Salvage

Shipwreck salvage and floatation


Buoyancy Compensation

Provide buoyancy for ship


Pipeline Buoyancy Support

Used for pipeline floating

Marine Salvage Rubber Airbags Buoyancy Capacity

Marine salvage airbags have different buoyancy capacities as well as performances With numerous combinations of diameters and lengths. Please refer below buoyancy list of standard marine salvage airbags.

Length D=1m D=1.2m D=1.5m D=1.8m D=2.0m D=2.5m D=3.0m
5m 4t 6t 9t 13t 16t 25t 35t
6m 5t 7t 11t 15t 19t 29t 42t
7m 5t 8t 12t 18t 22t 34t 49t
8m 6t 9t 14t 20t 25t 39t 57t
9m 7t 10t 16t 23t 28t 44t 64t
10m 8t 11t 18t 25t 31t 49t 71t
11m 9t 12t 19t 28t 35t 54t 78t
12m 9t 14t 21t 31t 38t 59t 85t
13m 10t 15t 23t 33t 41t 64t 92t
14m 11t 16t 25t 36t 44t 69t 99t
15m 12t 17t 27t 38t 47t 74t 106t
16m 13t 18t 28t 41t 50t 79t 113t
17m 13t 19t 30t 43t 53t 83t 120t
18m 14t 20t 32t 46t 47t 88t 127t
19m 15t 21t 34t 48t 60t 93t 134t
20m 16t 23t 35t 51t 63t 98t 141t
21m 16t 24t 37t 53t 66t 103t 148t
22m 17t 25t 39t 56t 69t 108t 156t
23m 18t 26t 41t 59t 72t 113t 163t
24m 19t 27t 42t 61t 75t 118t 170t
25m 20t 28t 44t 64t 79t 123t 177t


All Doowin Marine marine salvage airbags are manufactured and insepcted fully compliant with ISO 14409 “Ships and marine technology – ship launching air bags“ and IMCA D016, certificated by CCS, LR, BV.

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The weight of ship launching airbags is calculated by airbag surface area. When you care too much about weight, you may be misled by some manufacturers. Please remember “It’s not that the heavier the airbag, the better the quality. Weight is not a good indicator of quality.”

It is very easy to distinguish used and new airbags. If there are abrasions on the airbags body, then it is used one. For the new airbags, it’s surface maybe looks ugly and dirty. It is because we use French chalk in the vulcanization process. When the water vapor in the vulcanization tank is mixed with French chalk, the surface will appear very dirty.

Our unique overall winding technology is different from the current mainstream airbag production technology. We innovate and improve on the basis of mainstream production technology. The airbag produced by the optimal winding angle technology can exert the maximum effect of the material, save the cost, and have a stronger lifting force.

Marine rubber airbags are not single-use products. It can be used for many times. But cannot define the exact number. General speaking marine airbags have 5~8 years lifespan under the correct usage and proper maintenance.

Marine rubber airbags are not single-use products. It can be used for many times. But cannot define the exact number. General speaking marine airbags have 5~8 years lifespan under the correct usage and proper maintenance.

The ship launching airbags price is calculated by the airbag’s surface area, not weight. Rubber airbag has two cone shape ends. But we normally, make the airbags as cylindrical shape to calculate its surface area. Its calculate formal is S=π x Diameter x (Diameter+Effective Length) x layer numbers. Then, multiply the surface area by the unit price. The unit surface price is quite different for different factories, generally it is in the scope of USD4 to USD8 for each square meters.


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